hey everyone it’s ELLIE:) i cant believe we haven’t been on this site 4 a LONG time! Well im going 2 update it more and now that its summer the whole JGH group may be able to get together and make videos! (im not exactly sure if we will be able 2 or if we will even do this anymore but i will contact everyone and see what we can do)
have a great summer! be careful of those terrible ghosts! lol c ya!


ok i was wrong

helloooooooooo! this is Ellie:)  I just wanted 2 say that i was wrong about Adam not being a good singer. He’s amazing!!!!!!!! The country week was one of his best weeks I think. his song wasn’t country but it was so cool with the egyption music and just… WOW! now my faves r… (get ready there is a lot)… danny,  adam, anoop dawg, alexis, allison, lil, and scott. oh!! don’t forget Norman Gentle and Cody Sheldon (the horror movie guy) so yea

r u kidding me!?!?!?!

dudes!its ellie:) i cnt believe norman gentle didnt make the top 13!!!! or the wild card!!!!! ugh i am so mad!!!! everyone should buy his songs and eat ice cream and look at pics of norman gentle and newts! that will make us feel better. well i gtg! danny goki all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! byez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ellie:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


did you hear?!?!?! The summit people are thinkin of putting dakota fanning as Jane! that little ray of sunshine can’t play Jane, the evil, mean, cruel Jane. I mean i could play a better Jane then her!!! (which is telling you something!) I mean this is terrible. No offense to dakota i mean she is a really good actress and very pretty, but i just don’t think a girl as sweet as her could play jane! anyone who is sweet should not play jane. anyone who can be really cruel and nasty should (not that i think someone who is cruel should play her.) i just think someone who people can picture being cruel should play Jane. someone who can be mean should play her. do you think jane looks like this?!?!?! Please comment if you agree or disagree. 

Weird Dream…

hey the other night I had this weird dream that I was trying out for the part of Jane from the Volturi for the new twilight movie New Moon. It was really weird. If you read that book I was in the room where edward,bella,and alice meet the Volturi and there was only like 12 people there and I got the part. All I did was read off a script really badly and I made it. It was weird and awesome! If I could try out for that part I totally would! I mean Jane is awesome!! The only thing that wouldn’t be awesome is that i would cause edward pain when he tries to protect bella from my power. That would stink watching him on the floor being electrocuted. well, that was my weird, awesome dream. (tune in next time for more stories from story time with Ellie) just kidding just kidding… OR AM I…. sorry going CRAZY! Oh, by the way I can’t believe cody sheldon (aka horror movie freak) from american idol did not make it to the top 36!!! (sorry for the abrupt change of subject) he was a really good singer and he was awesome! I mean his movies looked really kool! I also want Danny Goki (or however you spell his last name) to win. he is an AMAZING singer. i feel so bad for him! having your wife die in a terrible accident is really sad. Danny if you r reading this (which you probably aren’t becuz no one really goes on this site to much) know that me and my friend natalie r with you all the way! You ROCK DUDE! well anyway… c ya!      -Ellie 🙂

I know you ppl r annoyed

hey everyone i know u r annoyed with me putting up these twilight posts but it’s fun so get ova it! The New Moon movie is coming out November 20! Taylor Lautner will still be playing Jacob director Chris Weitz confirms. ( Catherine Hardwicke has decided not to direct the second movie to Twilight.) I am so happy and can’t wait for New Moon to come out! I also have some other news and Twilight facts for fans to post so I will list them.
-Catherine Hardwicke’s directors notebook comes out March 17 (psst you can pre-order this)
-Twilight movie DVD comes out March 21 (psst you can pre-order it on
-Midnight Sun book (Edward’s perspective of the story Twilight) supposedly comes out August 28
-Edward’s name before he was changed was Edward Anthony Mason Jr.. When he was changed into a vamp he changed it to Edward Anthony Mason Cullen.
(don’t read this next one if you have not read the third book yet!)
-When Edward proposed to Bella he used his real mom’s ring. So romantic!!!!
Thats all I have for now… keep checkin in if I find sometin else kool.
Ellie 🙂

thanks ppl!!!!

thanks to everyone who comes on this site! we finally have 1000 views!!! this means so much to us!! we want to thank u all!!!

To little time… So much to say

  Hey everybody it’s Abby! We have decided to only update our site in the Summer. Of course, if we get bored we’ll put up a few posts here and there but the movies will have wait untill we actually have time to post them! everyone is so busy. Ellie Sarah and Emily both have basketball 3 days a week. Me and Ellie both have an acting class once a week that soon will turn to like 4 days a week. Kate has cheerleading. We are all sooooo busy! We are all so sorry and hope to all get back to you in the summer! We all can’t wait




All twilight fans should know what that means! If u dont… look it up! hey it’s ellie and I wanted to ell all you twilight fans that havnt seen the movie yet… TOTALLY SHOULD!!! it was the best movie ever!! (don’t listen to my acting teacher… he said the movie stunk but it soooooo did not!) sooooooooo GO GET SOME TICKETS AND SEE THE SHOW PPL!  this day, November 21, will go down in history… THE DAY THE TWILIGHT MOVIE CAME OUT!!!! this is one of the happiest days of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!      Ellie 🙂

Twilight Cast

I have a list of some of the twilight cast!


Bella- Kristen Stewart                         Edward- Robert Pattinson

Charlie- Billy Burke                             Carlisle- Peter Facinelli

Esme- Elizabeth Reaser                       Rosalie- Nikki Reed

Alice- Ashely Greene                           Jasper- Jackson Rathbone

Emmet- Kellan Lutz                             James- Cam Gigandet

Laurent- Edi Gathegi                           Victoria- Rachel Laferre

Jessica- Anna Kendriek                        Jacob- Taylor Launtner

Mike- Michael Welch                       Tyler- Gregory Tyree Boyce

Angela- Christian Serratos                   Erik- Justin Chon

I know I’m obssessed but who cares… well at least I don’t…Enjoy! Ellie:)

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